Government of Nepal

Natural Products Research Laboratory is a central level office of the department of plant resource, was established in 1964 AD, formerly named as Royal Drug Research Laboratory. It was established targeting research and development in the field of phytochemistry, medicinal plants, technology development for the production of herbal products, standardization and control of quality of drugs, medicinal plants and plants products. In 1993 AD with the restructuring of Department of Plant Resources, its drug quality control unit was amalgamated to Department of Drug administration along with its name Royal Drug Research Lab.

The name of the laboratory was changed to Natural Products Development Division and again in 1999 AD with revamp of Department of Plant Resources this laboratory become Natural Products Research laboratory. Since October, 2016 Five parameters are accreditated by NABL, India which are Acid Value, Refractive Index, Optical Rotation, Specific Gravity and percentage of Essential Oil from NPRL and GC anlysis from DPR.